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We will never forget the special friends that started with us on the path to building Camp Craig Allen. Their incredible dedication, faith, hope, love, and vision will always be the foundation of what is to come.

Jennifer A. Wells
Founding Executive Board Member
May 21, 1981 to November 8, 2008

Jennifer took the first leap of faith with Dawn from the very beginning stages of forming the organization with the State of Texas and with the U.S. IRS as a valid entity. Her role was that of a partner, a leader, a visionary, a planner, a designer and most importantly as an advocate for all physically disabled adults. Her daily courage and strength to move forward with the vision, actually working countless hours helping in every aspect was remarkable. In her honor, the Jennifer A. Wells Resource Center will encompass her vision in teaching independence, having courage, finding strength and living with a passion in life despite the physical disability.

Mason's charm carried him straight into the hearts of those around him. He used his sense of humor to win over a large number of followers, to which he was a strong advocate for those living with muscular dystrophy. 

He loved to free style rap and was known as “Lazy Legs.” Mason's videos received over one million views at one point on YouTube and the Vine. He loved to play Xbox, which gave him the freedom to talk and make friends, far and wide. He was an amazing young man and touched and encouraged many lives

Mason Thornton
June 2, 1994 to March 13, 2016

Dale Bryan

June 21, 1955-July 16, 2014

Dale Bryan never missed a camp session or activity in almost two years. He was up for just about anything it seemed. He enjoyed fishing, games, camp fire and fellowship. From the outside one may call him the "strong and silent type" but anyone who spent more than 5 minutes with him instantly knew his awesome sense of humor and compassion for others. Not drawing attention to himself, he quietly changed lives with every person he met. If you were blessed with the opportunity to know this man, he touched your heart and we are all better for having known him.

Camp Craig Allen will hold Dale and his family close in our hearts as he is one more driving force, a fire to fuel our passion to build Camp Craig Allen and serve the physically disabled community of North Texas. Thank you, Dale, for sharing your spirit, your wit, your incredible wife, your mind and your heart with us and giving us hope and strength to push on in our mission.

Richey was one of the first campers at Camp Craig Allen's inaugural camp in late June 2011. 

Richey had a great time fishing, playing hockey, and hanging out with friends. One beautiful Sunday morning church service, he got to do his favorite thing - praise and worship the Lord! Richey was so passionate about Christ and liked to express verbally, his passion, love and faith for Christ.

He truly will be missed!!!

Richard Joseph Latty
July 15, 1985 to August 4, 2011

Keith Joseph Ryan
Advocacy Board Member 
May 27, 1986 to October 4, 2008

Joey’s sense of humor made all of us laugh. His unrelenting path to make people smile was truly a gift, and his love for poker and dancing and having a great time with others was his niche. Joey was very articulate in giving reasons that a disco ball for the future dance hall was required. Joey gave adamant thoughts and expressed the requirements that poker be named an official sporting event at the future camp. Joey was about life and living it to the fullest while laughing all the way with good friends beside him.

Paul was driven by hope and faith that he would return to camp regardless of his age. Paul encouraged us from the beginning the importance of competitive sports for power wheelchair users with limited upper mobility. He passionately loved power wheelchair hockey and truly believed everyone could and everyone should play hockey, no matter what the physical limitation. Paul was very adamant on the construction of a adapted hockey rink, complete with bleachers, lights, sounds, and the ability for all to play. Our future Hockey Rink will be created with all that Paul hoped for!

David Paul Hedgecock II
Advocacy Board Member
December 10, 1983 to January 10, 2008

Cody Shane Waits
January 23, 1984 to February 18, 2006

Cody also loved power wheelchair hockey. With his friends, he too attended a childhood MDA camp. Upon reaching age 21, he too was told he was too old. Cody’s love for hockey and being with his camp friends kept his faith strong and the hope that one day he would return to camp again.

Like his friends, Cody and Paul, which passed on before him, Chad loved power wheel chair hockey! Chad was the older of his friends with DMD, and he served as a role model and “coach” to them all. Chad was in his mid thirties, and with DMD- that age was unheard of, so most importantly, Chad gave everyone hope. Chad gave his all in everything he set to do. He was a mentor, a friend, and an advocate of independence. Chad was a part of the original creative team in having an active role and voice, as he served on the Advisory Board of Camp Craig Allen.

Chad Michael O’Connell
Advisory Board Member
October 15, 1973 to October 19, 2009

Dena Smith-Perry
April 15, 1970 to August 29, 2012

Dena was a beloved friend of Camp Craig Allen. Always supportive and social, she loved any excuse to have fun and hang out with friends, new or life-long. She was a pioneer for mothers with muscular dystrophy as her pride and joy was her son, Zack. She adored her family. A strong advocate and mentor, she was always willing to lend an ear and give advice when requested. She never missed a fundraiser or event and was excited to have a place where barrier-free was the norm. Anyone who knew Dena will attest to her spirit and heart. She will be greatly missed.

Justin Micah Fetz, a precious part of our Camp Craig Allen family, went home to Heaven on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, with his family by his side. A heart-string of Camp Craig Allen, Justin was Captain of our North Texas Wheelchair Hockey League, won countless Halloween costumes with his and his mom's stellar creativity and sense of humor and lit up every camp session and program he attended. He was active in his church. The world shifted the day this amazing man came into it and his family and friends felt another deep shift when he left us. Our prayers are with the Fetz family. Know that the hearts he touched are forever changed for the better. In lieu of flowers, the Fetz family has requested donations be made to Camp Craig Allen, in memory of Justin.

Thank you for sharing your life with us, Justin. We will carry you with us into the future.

Justin Micah Fetz
Advisory Board Member

North TX Wheelchair Hockey Captain

March 26, 1983 to April 24, 2018

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